Dear Customers;

We feel proud for presenting you a brand new, but experienced initiative under Acar Group you know for long years. We are aware of the responsibility brought by this. We know that we could not achieve this success without the desire, sincere efforts of our valuable customers and business partners. As Zekeriya, İhsan, and I, Mustafa Acar, the founders of the Acar Group, we combined the first letters of our names by placing the first letter of Acar in the beginning. A brand new company, AZİM is born. AZİM Box and Pack...

We are proceeding single-mindedly.

Boxes and packs were already one of the business lines for Acar. We were producing boxes and packs from time to time. It was who produced the boxes to insert the books, organizers and notebooks we’ve printed to date. And this sector has started to significantly grow and to have a promising future both at abroad and in our country. We did want to fall behind of this. Thus, we entered into box production professionally. We made boxes and packs specific, and offered covered boxes with cardboard that create an added value for all our customers. We positioned our new company on the fundamental principle of our parent company. We set our plans for the future supported by the history of the Acar Group producing value added products since 1980. Steady and sustainable progress is among the top of our principles. We continuously discuss what we can do differently without making any concession from these principles.

Works respecting the environment

Including the boxes covered on cardboard, we will hopefully make our debut with the “eco-cardboard” bags, which we produce from environment friendly paper and soon we will announce. We’ve taken over an admirable inheritance from the Acar Group, the pioneer of firsts and innovations in the sector. We will be offering the advantages of being a group company, including quality and innovations, to our customers together with the price advantage.

I know that no success can be achieved without our valuable customers, and I would like to share with you all the praises accredited to our Group.

Mustafa ACAR  |  Founder